Pushing boundaries and testing limits. Unwilling to waver in the face of defeat. Lover of challenge and as such strive to overcome and solve any presented. I believe that the world can be a great place for all, equally, we just need to code it. Be The Change You Want To See!

About Me

I’m a self proclaimed nerd, and proud to be! I believe in equality, compassion, and the idea that there is more to life than most let on. Eternally optimistic with my eyes on the future. I must have a plan and I enjoy fully completing any task.

I’m the father of two wonderful children who have completely changed my life for the better. I want to build a better world for them. If you have a new idea, exciting project or just want to take over the world, get in touch!

“I have a strong need to know how it works, and as such I must take it apart to find out!”

My History and How I got Here

Low-voltage is my world. I’ve been immersed in it for almost 2 decades. Cutting my teeth in the A/V world as a true nerd, I began wiring and installing commercial audio visual systems back in 2004. Mostly large auditorium sound and video systems. As things evolved from an analog world into the digital era I found more and more network controlled, integrated systems. This fed into my curiosity and distaste for commercial control systems. Into the open source world I dived. Through this process I found cryptography in my search for secure communication methods. From there I fell directly into cryptocurrency and the idea of a decentralized financial vehicle. In the process I have become fluent in Linux, and have a strong understanding of the dark side.

Life has a tendency to present unique opportunities when you least expect it. With careful attention and awareness the world will present you with every opportunity imaginable. Combine this awareness with an optimistic perception and quickly you will find yourself in amazing situations and involved with some world changing projects.